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Gerardo Gonzalez

Physical Education

Salvador Garcia Middle School

7th grade


I. Curriculum:
➢ Physical Education
• P.E. will include a variety of activities such as; team, individual and lifetime spo Sports and outdoor games, cardiovascular fitness and strength training activities. In      some cases, you will have the opportunity to select an activity offered by the teachers. However, there are times when you will be assigned a specific activity. Activities may alternate with a fitness component work out in the fitness center, all will be assessed within a 9 week basis.


II. Grading & Expectations:
➢ Physical Education
• Each day will be worth three points and will be based on the following :
1. Attitude
2. Participation and Effort
3. Attendance and Preparedness


➢ Homework:
• The Homework assignment which includes the Five Fitness Components is worth 10% of the students’ grade for each of the nine weeks.
• Each nine-weeks grading period the students will be given a Homework Card. The students will track their out-of-class exercise/activities for that particular nine week period. The requirements for the Homework are found at the bottom of the front page of the Homework Card. The Due Date is printed in the top right hand corner of the card.

➢ Dress Requirements:
• The uniform required for class is a T-shirt (black, white, grey, or gold/yellow), shorts (black), socks and sneakers. Sweatshirts and/or sweatpants for outdoor activities are permitted during cool weather. The school dress code is to be followed to determine the appropriateness of the clothing item. (This means no cut- off shorts and shorts must be fingertip length).
• Students who are not in proper P.E. clothes have the opportunity to earn 1 point provided they meet the remaining class expectations for that day.
• Students who do not have appropriate P.E. clothes will be required to participate in P.E. The teacher may assign that student to a different area or selection for that day due to safety issues.

➢ Medicals:
• If you have a medical condition that limits your participation, a “Can Do List” from your doctor is required. This will allow you to continue with class at your safe and appropriate level. Parent notes will excuse a student for one day, beyond that, a” Can Do List” must be submitted from your doctor. Therefore, students who are not permitted to participate in the regular P.E. because of a medical excuse will be assigned selections that are appropriate with their “Can Do List”.
➢ Make-up work:
• Make Up Work:
✓ When a student misses a class where assessments have occurred, they have three class days to make up any work that was missed to avoid receiving a “0” for that assessment.


➢ Cheating in Class


: Cheating will NOT be tolerated in any area of assessment or during any class activity. If
cheating does occur, it will be dealt with in accordance with the student hand book. (examples: misuse of peer evaluations,
recording inappropriate scores)


➢ During each 6-week period students may have the opportunity to select from a number of activities. If a student is absent on selection day they will be assigned an activity. Students who know they will be absent on selection day may request a selection, but will only get their request if it is still available when the groups are picked. The selection process is a privilege and may be taken away due to poor behavior, lack of participation, or dress
(clothing) issues.


III. Valuables:

➢ DO NOT bring valuables to class! Leave them at home or in your school locker. The P.E. department and the United isd are NOT liable for lost or stolen items. If you by chance bring valuables to class, it is your responsibility to give them to the P.E. staff before class. They will be locked in the locker room office. It is also your responsibility to retrieve your valuables at the end of class.